The Ugarte Studio was established in 1996. Since then, it has been serving The Southern Arc providing high quality of instruction in music and performing. The teaching of the different disciplines is complimented with music theory, ear training, etc.


     Develop individual talent in the disciplines of music and foster personal growth of its members.


     At The Ugarte Studio, music is taught as a language and an art form, a fact that is very much forgotten in its instruction. The exploration and learning of additional verbal languages is much encouraged. 

     The core philosophy of the studio considers music a key tool in cognitive and personal development. Students are guided in growth and exploration of the art form; through the "understanding" and mastering of the different disciplines, each student's skills and talents are developed while embarking in the search of personal growth and excellence.


Vincent La Selva's legacy endures under the baton of Constantine Kitsopoulos, personally selected by the Maestro as the new General Director of New York Grand Opera.

More details will be announced shortly.  Please bear with us as changes are implemented.