OWEN CONNOLLY Only Freshman and one of only 3 callbacks for the role of Professor Callahan (featured) in Landmark's production of Legally Blonde.
LYDIA CAMPBELL Only Freshman to get a call back for one of the step-sisters in MHS' production of Cinderella.
JOSH SUSSMAN Cast as the King (supporting) in MHS' production of Cinderella.
LYDIA CAMPBELL Cast as Dorothy (lead) in Georgia Singer's  production of the Wizard of Oz.
YVONNE LANGET Cast in two supporting roles in Griffin Opera House Theatre Project's production of The Rocky Horror Show.
ANN-CHARLOTTE LANGET ​Cast as Stage Manager in Grffin Opera House Theatre Project's production of The Rocky Horror Show.
LYDIA CAMPBELL ​Selected as Freshman soloist for first MHS Chorus Concert.
KENNEDY HOLLIS ​Cast as Alex The Lion (lead) in ACOF's production of Madagascar.
ANN-CHARLOTTE LANGET ​Cast in multiple supporting roles in ACOF's production of Madagascar.
ED QUATTLEBAUM Capo 3 plays at Georgia Shrimp Company.
ANN CHARLOTTE LANGET ​Selected to participate in MHS' Talent Competition.
LYDIA CAMPBELL ​Selected to participate in MHS' Talent Competition.
TAYLOR MARTIN Cast as Fantine (featured) in Eagle's Landing Christian Academy's production of Les Mis.
KENNEDY HOLLIS Obtained a Superior qualification in band.
ABBY FALKNER Cast in Trinity Christian's production of Cinderella.
SAVANNAH PERSKY Inducted to Booth's Honor Society.
SAVANNAH PERSKY Wins Thirds Place in McDounough's 5K.